The Sandstone Ridge Festival

The Sandstone Ridge Festival is NEW Arts Festival launching 18th-21st May 2017.

Set in one of Cheshire’s areas of outstanding beauty and visitor attractions, The Sandstone Trail, the villages of Bunbury, Burwardsley, Cholmondeley, Malpas and Tattenhall will host a variety of events appealing to different audiences. This year The Sandstone Ridge Festival will focus on Cheshire’s artists and performers with music, theatre, art exhibitions, author talks and poetry with the view of broadening performers invited in future years.

Our aim is for The Festival to be both community based and attract visitors to the area to support local businesses with the vision:

“To have a successful first year launch and grow The Sandstone Ridge Festival year on year to become one of Cheshire’s most popular arts festivals generating interest, debate, social engagement and increased visitor numbers to the area”

Y1 estimated visitor numbers 2,000 plus.

The Festival HQ is based at Cheshire Arts Hub, Burwardsley central to the Sandstone Trail and has specially curated art exhibition for the festival with a theme of nature, along with craft demonstrations. To date everything has been voluntarily organised by a number of experienced individuals with relevant contacts and skills : Festival Organisation, Arts Marketing, Finance. If you feel you would like to help or support in any way such as sponsorship, performing, exhibiting or to volunteer your time we would be very grateful and ask you to contact us on

We do hope you enjoy the programme, with some FREE events and children under 18 FREE to most events, there is something for everyone. And any feedback welcomed.

Very Best Wishes Sandstone Ridge Festival Committee

Judy Anderson I Christine Bibby I Miles Clarke I Martin Cooke I Susie Delves Lomax I Nicola Earl | Jeannie France-Hayhurst I Mags Fraser I Sue Griffiths I James Hall I Diana Mather I Fiona Midwood

Sandstone Ridge

The 'bought' guide picks out the neat vertebrae
of its spine in the colour of a child's
idea of a beach; the 'giveaway' guide –
in blobs of arterial blood. Both beckon.
To descend this council printed cord
by actual foot instead of traced finger
it's necessary first to ascend,
to rise from a Bear's Paw and trek the trail's
backbone, kicking free the skin that covers
the past; to go past hill fort and cliff,
wood, common and park, chapel, farm and lock;
to cruise and curve between Bunbury
and Burwardsley, each separated by
two castles and a map's folded crease.
Contour, waymarker, needle, map and grid
are merely man's manufacture of place.
The true reference points are underfoot
and overhead, speaking in a language
of sandstone and sky with the scent of foxglove,
stinkhorn and meadowsweet in your head.

But if a compass point's required, mark this:
From Bunbury and Cholmondeley to the east
lies the quilt of a country crosshatched by
choir, Crimea, castle and shared culture
whilst from Malpas, poetry, anecdote
and dark history blow in from the west.
From Tattenhall comes music and the story
of the then, now and future of the ridge
you stand on – everywhere fine brushstrokes
splashing and dabbing the landscape in a way
that is indistinguishable from life,
the way art sometimes is. The way it should be.

John Lindley

Written for the 2017 Sandstone Ridge Festival